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SK50i CNC Horizontal Lathes

  • SK50i


Model SK50i is a CNC turning machine driven by servo spindle motor. It can be equipped with a 4-station turret (standard equipment) or 6-station turret for cutting different shapes of workpiece. With a nice and well-designed guard the machine is easy to operate and maintain; safety of operators is guaranteed. Standard equipment---Siemens 808D control has 7.5” color LCD and front-mounted USB interface, which ensures easy transfer of clients’ machining programs. Standard equipment--- separate coolant tank simplifies chip removal and machine cleaning.

The machine features smooth start and quick braking, and is designed for turning shaft-type and plate-type workpieces. Operations of internal and external cylindrical turning, arbitrary taper turning, arc turning, facing and metric/inch threading can be performed. The machine is suitable for small and middle batch production of multi-work, especially complex-shaped and high accuracy workpieces. 8” or10” hydraulic power chuck and hydraulic tailstock can be equipped on customers’ request. 




Max. swing over bed mm


Max. swing over slide mm


Max. turning dia. mm


Max. work length mm


Max. turning length mm


Spindle bore mm


Spindle nose

ISO702/D8 short taper cam lock

ISO702/A2-8 (power chuck)

Spindle speed r/min

3-gear infinite variable   26-2000

H:200-2000 M:80-800 L:26-260  

Taper of spindle

Metric 1:20

Max. spindle torque output   N.m


Rapid traverse (Max.) m/min

X-axis:6 (See operator’s manual---electrical   part for specific data)

Z-axis: 8 ((See operator’s   manual---electrical part for specific data)

Lead screw pitch mm

X: 5 Z: 6

Capacity of turret

4(standard   equipment)/6(optional)

Width   of tool rest mm


Max. permissible tool   section mm×mm


Travel of turret mm

X-axis: 300/235 (6-station)

Z-axis: 850

Tailstock quill dia. mm

φ75 (φ80 hydraulic   tailstock)

Tailstock quill taper MT No.

MT No.5 (MT No.3 live spindle hydraulic tailstock

Max. travel of tailstock   quill mm

150 (130 hydraulic   tailstock)

Cross adjustment of   tailstock mm


Main motor

7.5kW spindle   servo motor

Coolant pump

AYB-25 125W

V- belt

B1930 4 pcs

Machine dimension (L×W×H)

mm× mm× mm


Packing size(L×W×H)

mm× mm× mm

3130(3300)   2×1860×2250

Net weight of machine kg


Hollow chuck thru-hole

φ52 (reference to chuck   thru-hole)


(1) Data behind slash / is   for machine with horizontal 6-station turret (swing diameter of tool disk is   φ360).

(2) Data in parentheses ()   is for machine with hydraulic station.