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Baoji machine tool group layer of learning to set up learning to carry out the ten - nine spirit boom

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Recently, baoji machine tool group deeply studied, propagated and carried out the party's ten nine spirit, and learned propaganda and propaganda layer by layer, which set off the craze of learning and publicizing the spirit of the 19th.

November 25 in the afternoon, the company is held in high road 14 staff training center "publicity and special party class implement the party's 19 big spirit", the party secretary, chairman li qiang on behalf of the company party committee as project party class education. Yuan wei, deputy party secretary of the party committee, presided over the meeting, attended by more than 200 party members, representatives of cadres, the party committee and the party committee of pharmaceutical machinery.

Li qiang secretary to the "don't forget to beginner's mind, keep in mind the mission, in the spirit of party's 19 leading enterprise reform the innovation, the development of transition, respectively from the conference, the conference theme, xi jinping, the new era of thought and socialism with Chinese characteristics socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era, the change of the social principal contradictions of our country," two "one hundred grand strategy goal, China's economic and social development, unswervingly promote the comprehensive governing party, the study and implementation from nine aspects, such as the new constitution of the party's 19 spirit systematically preach vivid, puts forward" eight, eight to speed up the "deployment arrangement, emphasized the current six key work, to study and implement the nineteenth spirit put forward clear requirements.

He pointed out that the communist party of China (CPC) was a very important meeting in the crucial period of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and entering into a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Assembly analyses the development and changes of international and domestic situation, reviews and summarizes the work of the past five years and historic changes, the socialism with Chinese characteristics, social principal contradictions of our country has already entered the new era into the good life is people's increasing needs and unbalanced the contradiction between the inadequate development and other major political argument, elaborated profoundly the new era, the historical mission of the communist party of China, to establish the new age of xi thought the historical position of socialism with Chinese characteristics, puts forward the new era of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, as a fundamental to determine the runoff to build a well-off society in an all-round way, open the all-round construction of modern socialist country, the aim of the new journey to new era advancing the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the new great project of party building a comprehensive deployment.

He stressed that the study and promotion of the party's ten ninth spirit is the primary political task of the group at present and in the future. Group company party member cadres and workers, to connected to the actual enterprise development, with the spirit to lead the party's 19, in speed up scientific and technological innovation, promote the transformation and upgrading, promote intelligent manufacturing, implement the strategy of "going out", strengthen enterprise party construction planning new initiatives, and thorough going efforts to promote "eight, eight speed", strive to create a new situation baoji machine tool pursued beyond. Learning stable cross 19 big spirit is the primary task, the first responsibility, pays special attention to the production and business operation work is the central task, the first priority, and earnestly to study stable cross the 19th the great spirit and the production and operation of various work arrangements and orderly, political task and principle of production tasks and promote two, sprint full-year target tasks, finish all the work completion year, New Year new start.

He demanded that party organizations at all levels should carry out multi-form, multi-level and all-covering learning education training for all party members. Party and government leaders must first learn a step, demonstration drive, the spirit, grasp the essence. The broad masses of cadres and positive action, and all party members to unify thoughts and actions to the spirit, the party's 19 condensation of the wisdom and power to realize the party's 19 large determine various tasks, to promote the dry, to do promotion, in order to pursue the spirit of transcendence status, and dare to struggle attitude a new target to realize enterprise innovation development.

In the spirit of education, secretary yuan put forward three Suggestions: first, to improve the station position, to grasp deeply and to act quickly, and to quickly raise the enthusiasm of learning and publicity to carry out the spirit of the nineteenth great spirit; Second, lead the leadership, the above rate, the demonstration lead, layer on the level of the party's nineteenth spirit to land; Third, we need to stick to the problem orientation, use our knowledge to make use of it, learn to promote it, and push our work to a new level.

On the afternoon of November 27, li qiang, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the party committee, held a seminar on the party's central committee. Group members of the collective learning in the correct understanding and grasping the historical position, flags and core problem "theory, to watch" about the deployment of learning the spirit of publicity and implement the party's 19 large video, combined with the spirit of the study and implementation of the party's 19 arrangement deployment of current production management priority.

In organizing his study, secretary li pointed out that at least three experiences of our party's development history are crucial: one is that the historical orientation is crucial; Second, holding high the banner is crucial; Third, it is vital to maintain the core. The history of the party shows that the historical position is the actual, the historical position is the national conditions, the historical orientation is the development trend, the historical orientation is the time coordinate. The history of the communist party of China is the history of constantly adapting to the development of the situation. The history of the party shows that the banner is the faith, the flag is the direction, the flag is the image, the banner is the strength. The history of the Chinese communist party is to constantly promote the sinicization of marxism, carry out theoretical innovation, and hold high the history of the great banner of thought theory. The history of the party shows that the core is the leader, the core is the commander, the core is the backbone, the core is the helmsman. The history of the communist party of China is the history of maintaining the authority and centralized leadership of the CPC central committee and forming the core of party leadership at different times.

He reviewed the baoji machine tool enterprises development, stressed that the correct understanding and grasp the historical position, flags and core problem, not only to the party and the country's future destiny, each career development is of great significance, for an enterprise, a unit, a department also has important significance for the long-term development. As members of the party team of state-owned enterprises and the team, at any time, must firmly uphold unity and firmly implement the party central committee and the next higher party organization decision-making, decisions, resolutions, in political, ideological, maintains highly consistent action, form a strong core of leadership. Always adhere to the "a political core and an economic center" not waver, firmly establish a political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, core, par, safeguarding the order and order.


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