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The First Show of Baoji Machine Tool in 2017 EMO

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-12-29      Origin: Site

The First Show of Baoji Machine Tool in 2017 EMO  

      On Sep. 18, 2017, the European Machine Tool Exhibition(EMO)which is the top event in the machine tool industry was inaugurated in Hannover, Germany. For the moment, the machine tools industry is in recesion and the domestic companies are all absent from participating exhibitions, but Baoji Machine Tools came.This was the first show we appeared in EMO, it is not only a strong reflection of our corporate srategic pilotage development in recent years,but also our determination to look around the world and seek future.

After two days of elaboration, the new CS6250C/1500 lathestood beside the main aisle of the 16th hall, and the eye-catching logo of Baoji Machine Tools became a beautiful landscape. on the third day, the passengers flow of exhibition reached its climax. There quite a few foreigners who had been cooperating with us was glad to meet us and took many photos, and thedomestic exhibitors also praised us. In exhibition, we had received many customers from Portugal, Spain, Poland, Greece, France, Italy, Denmark, Romania and other countries. It would have laid a good foundation for us to understand the European markets and promote the export of the European markets.

  Over the years, in the European markets, especially EU still is our weakness. Although our Cape car and CNC products are sold very well in other markets, we have difficulty in taking a step in EU markets. This is not price market, but quality first. The quality builds high cold of German and arrogance of French, also affects self-confidence of Chinese. Only we continuously improve our quality, we will win the favour of European industrial power distributors.

  From this point of contact with customers, on the one hand, we have less publicity, less visibility and even use customer`s nameplates to export in the European markets. On the other hand, in recent years, our Cape car couldn`t keep up with the requirements of EU markets about product appearance, electric and the security structure and so on, and our workmanship and configuration of CNC products also far behind the mainstream market . So to develop the European market, we are still students, this time we participate in the Hanover exhibition , just like a trial to the European market, later we need make greater efforts, including technical improvements, special orders, cost accounting, the coordination of supply, and so on, but I believe that as long as we stick to practice the vision “manufacture top grade parts, install precision machine tool, do a well-qualified employee and create world-class brand”. Maybe the day of Baoji Machine Tool galloping on the European market is coming a day.


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