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Mandrel Press with Flywheel

  • DP200HR to DP1000HR
  • Ageo
  • DP200HR to DP1000HR
  • DP200 HR, DP500 HR, DP750 HR, DP1000 HR

  The presses of the HR series with a side-mounted flywheel are mainly used in electronics, plastics and jewelery industries. They can be used advantageously for slight bending, riveting, embossing and punching works.

  The operation of the HR-models works via a flywheel, wherein the tappet abruptly strikes the workpiece. It thereby exploits the kinetic energy of the flywheel in order to achieve a large impact force with minimum effort. A built-in return spring pulls the plunger after actuation to its original position.

DP200 HR DP500 HR DP750 HR DP1000 HR
Pressing power (kN)
2 5 7,5 10
Lever transmission (i)
1:9 1:13 1:9 1:13
Depth of throat till the centre of ram (mm) a 95 155 220 250
Max.Height Of Installation (mm) b 150 260 350 420
Stroke of ram (mm) c 95 125 95 150
Diameter of ram (mm) g 32 40 58 58
Height of pressing body (mm) e 290 440 570 700
Slot width of the mounting plate(mm) f 15-35 20-46 20-46 35-80
Net weight(kg)
16,5 45 100 135
Net weight with base frame(kg)
- - 130 185


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