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Single Column Screw Presses

  • Single Column Screw Presses

  • Ageo

  • ESP 6 to ESP 18

  • ESP 6, ESP 10, ESP 12, ESP 18


  AGEO Single Column screw presses have proven themselves in a tool making and production for decades. A decisive advantage of these presses is the easy accessibility of the working area from three sides, making the processing of bulky workpieces possible. The low spring-back of the inside ribbed cast body and the exact incorporated, double-sided prismatic guide of the ram in models ESP 10, ESP 12 and ESP 18 ensures the greatest possible protection of the tools used. The ram of model ESP 6 is guided in a precise round guide. All models are equipped with an adjustable stroke limitation. The press bolster are provided with a through hole and a T-slot. The actuation of the presses is carried out depending on the version via a flywheel, a swing arm with 2 swing weights, or via a one-arm swing weight. An additional mounting plate and a stable base frame are available for all the models.

ESP 6 ESP 10 ESP 12 ESP 18
Tappet guide
round- prisms- prisms- prisms guide
Pressing power (kN)
60 100 120 180
Depth of throat till the centre of ram (mm) a 125 160 160 180
Max.Height Of Installation (mm) b 160 230 220 250
Stroke of ram (mm) c 70 150 120 150
Dimensions of ram (mm)
ø70 90x200 125x160 130x180
Height of pressing body (mm) h 530 620 810 970
Tablesurface width / depth (mm) d/e 280x220 370x230 360x280 400x300
Net weight (kg)
90 175 225 410
Net weight with base frame (kg)
160 245 360 550