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Sino Brand Digit Read Out Dro

  • KA-300/KA-500/KA-600/KA-700/KA-800/KA-800A/KA-900

  • SINO

  • 904457/904458/904459/904460/904461/904462/904463


SINO brand digit read out DRO

Main features:

SDS6 digital readout employs the newest 16bit SCM technology, can substitute all kinds of basic function and special required function of SDS 2 series. An all-purpose DRO the speed of measurement is faster, and the control system is easier and smoother.Each axis can supply 40 points of non-linear compensations.We can get the compensated value through the double-frequency laser measurement machine, floor boring machine, floor boring machine, high accuracy boring machine, high accuracy grinding machine, lathe, EDM machine, milling machine and so onAnd it supplies special function that to control the processing speed of lathe.When you process the wokpiece's inside/outside in circle by lathe, the DRO can output relative simulative signal on the basic of the change of the radius of the workpiece to control the principal axis's transducer.


Code No.904457904458904459904460904461904462904463
Measures length(mm)70-102070-4701000-3000170-12406000-1000003000-600050
Cross section(mm)25x3418x2030x4340x4230x4330x5821x40
Accuracy±3,±5,±10(20ºC,680F 1000mm)
Reference pointEach/50mm
Max of  measuring speed60m/min