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Fiber laser welder

  • JHJ-G150/G300/G600




Fiber laser welder adopts power feedback method ,which significantly improved energy stability comparing with traditional current feedback .Fiber laser welder does not have power decay due to power feedback technology


● High depth-to-width ratio,small welding seam

● Little thermal distortion ,small heat affected zone

● High welding speed

● Non-contact welding,flexible transmission

● CCD camera monitoring system

● Uniform distribution of welding spot energy


● Used in optical communication devices, medical, microelectronic components, batteries, optical fiber couplers, picture tube gun, metal parts, vibration motor, precision parts, automotive steel and other precision welding.

● Widely used in laser energy stability requirements more stringent Laser welding field.


Laser typesYAGYAGYAG
Max.laser power150W300W600W
Laser wavelength1064nm1064nm1064nm
Max. Laser pulse energy80J100J100J
Laser split methodTime split or energy split
Pulse width range0.5ms-15ms0.5ms-15ms0.5ms-15ms
Successive pulse width ( 1sec. ) 100ms/s100ms/s100ms/s
Welding depth<2mm(Stainless steel)<3mm(Stainless steel)<3.5mm(Stainless steel)
Pulse frequency1-100Hz1-100Hz1-100Hz
Power consumed9KW15KW24KW
Power supplyAC 380V/50Hz
Cooling methodWater cooling
dimensions ( W×L×H )66cm×130cm×107cm

Mitsubishi or domestic

Sample of fiber laser welder 

sample of fiber laser welder 1

sample of fiber laser welder 2

sample of fiber laser welder 3

sample of fiber laser welder 4

sample of fiber laser welder 5