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Vacuum seal laser welder

  • JHJ-ZK300




This product can achieve a vacuum-tight environment welding, are mainly used in welding of high quality requirements, the need for welding in the special environment of the workpiece.


● Prevent solder surface oxidation

● Customizable box size and Equipped with transition box

● Long holding pressure time

● Transparent observation system and a large range of lighting

● Gas can be recycled,save costs


Laser wavelength1064nm
Max.laser power300W
Pulse frequency1-100Hz
Pulse width range0.3ms-20ms
Welding spot range0.2-0.6mm
Control system


Vacuum box size800×500×500mm ( customized )
Lifting range100mm
Processing scale100mm×100mm
Power supply 380V±5% 

Sample of vacuum seal laser welder 

sample of vacuum seal laser welder1

sample of vacuum seal laser welder2

sample of vacuum seal laser welder3

sample of vacuum seal laser welder4

sample of vacuum seal laser welder5